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Enter Your Zip:Ultrasound CareersDegree TypesUltrasound ResourcesUltrasound Schools By StateUltrasound technician hospital programs are designed to help students receive hands-on training and work effectively in a healthcare environment. Through these ultrasound technician hospitals programs, students will learn to perform ultrasound exams accurately coupled with essential patient care techniques in relation to performing duties as entry-level ultrasound technicians.
Ultrasound technician hospital programs offer students two types of courses – one involves classroom lectures and clinical hands-on training, while the other includes supervised internship or externship only. The first ultrasound technician hospital programs are ideal for individuals without any medical experience, while externships or internships are best for those who prefer to pursue education online or through distance learning.GE Ultrasound Transducer Since unpaid on-the-job training is the final part of any ultrasound technician hospitals programs, it is best to spend it with professional ultrasound techs to get a feel for the field.

Ultrasound technician hospital programs include extensive lessons in human anatomy and physiology lab background, essentials of diagnostic medical ultrasound, patient care and ultrasound preparation, legal and ethical sonography practice and diagnostic protocols. However, all duties involved in ultrasound technician hospitals programs will be restricted to a real-life environment in a hospital's imaging department throughout the duration of the program.
Upon completion of the ultrasound technician hospital programs, students will receive a certificate or diploma in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technology. Although licensing is not required for ultrasound professionals, ultrasound technician hospital programs usually put emphasis on studies, information and techniques needed for one to pass registration for the American Registry of Diagnostic and Medical Sonography (ARDMS).
Graduates of ultrasound technician hospital programs are expected to be prepared to enter the healthcare field as professionals, responsible for handling equipment and gathering information to aid with patient diagnosis.Siemens Ultrasonic Probe Students from these programs will by then have the knowledge, skills and training to work in various imaging laboratories, clinics and hospitals as entry-level sonographers.Featured Ultrasound SchoolThe Sanford-Brown Institute is a private, career-oriented post-secondary learning institution offering highly focused, high quality, short-term programs in a variety of healthcare fields.